Eino Steinstad, a depiction of the artist.
Norwegian Artist Eino Steinstad (1979–2003)Norwegian Artist Eino Steinstad (1979–2003)

Eino Steinstad, born 06.23.1979, died 11.14.2003, was a Norwegian multi-artist, expressing himself through the mediums of painting, drawing, poetry, compositions of electronic music and art film.

He started painting and drawing at the age of 14, and even though he died at a young age, only 24 years old, it was early that he had developed his own entirely uniqe and powerful form of expression, influenced by the art styles surrealism and symbolism.

The themes in his art are connected to his interest in magick and occultism, and this interest also shines through in his literary works. He was influenced by the occultist Aleister Crowley, and other occultists of the same time period. His literary texts are written in English, a language he mastered fluently, and which he felt was appropriate for the messages expressed in his poetry and prose.

The visual language and themes of his pictures enhance each other equally. He also often combined words and pictures. Themes such as isolation, pain and transformation often recur, and, regardless of the medium of expression, there is always a dramatic nerve present in his art.

The training Eino recieved was comprehensive. He grew up in a creative home; His mother, Torild Rødland, is a painter, and his father, Ragnar Steinstad, is a photographer and wood artist. In the early phase of his artistical development, it was his mother, Torild Rødland, who is a visual artist, sharing his interests on many levels, who inspired him. The Polish painter Iwona Siwicka, his mother’s colleague and friend, also influenced him. He attended art classes at the College of Lunde, and the College of Porsgrunn. Later he studied at the Oslo School of Drawing and Painting. Visual artists who influenced Eino were William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch and Albrecht Durer, these were role models to him. Eino never doubted that he was, and was meant to be, an artist.

Eino Steinstad had a wide range of interests, and this included philosophy and religion. He was very interested in, and studied, the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Regarding religion, he believed in a spiritual world populated by a pantheon of gods and goddesses, spirits and demons, and it is also this scenario he describes in some of his pictures.

He was interested in the dream world, and believed that one moves on several astral planes in dreams. His art channels several central images he has seen in his dreams.

In both the visual and literary works, love and sexuality are other central themes, also their negative aspects.

Eino was passionate about freedom and justice. He had a dream he told about, in it he had met a spiritual teacher who had told him that freedom is the Highest Good. Eino lived by this principle, and to him life and action was one.

Norwegian Artist Eino Steinstad ( 1979 - 2003 )

Norwegian Artist Eino Steinstad ( 1979 - 2003 )